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Tuning files Peugeot

24-7 is taking great steps forward in the Research & Developement (R&D) of Peugeot tuning files. The R&D of each tuning file for Peugeot is unique and programmed by our 24-7 engineers. The engineers only uses the latest software and have years of experience in remapping the requested software.

A lot of (chip tuning) companies download their high quallity modified tuning files for Peugeot at 24-7 Every Peugeot tuning file is made for the best results and also a real safe marge remap.

Our benefits

  • 90% home made tuning files
  • Tested and customized on a 2 WDR dynometer
  • Quick delivery and high quality
  • Support for your tuning tools
  • Thinking along with your company


Therefore you choose 24-7

More torque and power

The most popular way to optimize cars and engines for years to create more torque and power through chip tuning.

More pleasure and comfort during driving

Experience more pleasure and comfort during driving with a more powerful engine with more suppleness. Wondering what 24-7 can do for you?

Fuel saving up to 8% for your car

Fuel savings and more power, a winning combination. Especially diesel engines save fuel on average around 8% after chip tuning.


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