Chiptuning tools is working at optimal performance with the best Chiptuning tools on the market. The Chiptuning tool brands that we are the most enthousiastic about is: Autotuner and AlienTech. Besides the Chiptuning tool there are also a lot of accessoires available. For the starters we offer complete packages to start tuning immediately.

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The Autotuner tool is one of the most fast and simple Chiptuning tools on the market. We Highly recommend you to use this Chiptuning tool because of the benefits it offers. One of the most important benefits of the Autotuner Chiptuning tool is a free lifetime of updates, that's right, there are no subscriptions needed with the use of this Chiptuning tool.

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Used Chiptuning tools

Because of our big stock there are also used Chiptuning tools available. Check our webshop to see if there are any used Chiptuning tools available that might suit your needs. 

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AlienTech KESS3

Alientech has recently launched the KESS3. KESS3 is the next in line after the Alientech KESSV2 and the K-tag tools. The new KESS3 is a combination of both of the old tools. Because of this new improvement it is not necessary to buy the K-tag and the KESSv2 tool. If you already have running subscriptions or K-Tag tools and / or KESSv2 tools. Get in touch with us to swap them for the new KESS3. 


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