Chiptuning is the ultimate way to get the most out of your vehicle, and at, we make this process easy and affordable. Explore our extensive selection of tuning files and choose the best option for your vehicle. At, we understand that every customer has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer a flexible credit system so you can precisely choose what suits your needs and budget. Our chiptuning price is calculated based on three different credits.

Check the prices for chip tuning and select your desired credits:


We sell Slave tuning tools credits, Master tuning tools credits, and EVC OLS credits for our own EVC reseller file database.

Slave credits: Our slave credits are the most popular credits in our file service. When purchasing one of our Slave tools, you need slave credits within our file service to request files.

Master credits: When buying master credits, you benefit from the advantages of using a master tool. Please note that you need a master-configured tool to use the master files and our master credits.

EVC credits: These credits are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to use our EVC Reseller database, the WinOLS program is required. Once linked to our database, you can use EVC credits to buy tuning files and modify or implement them.

Click above on your desired credits and view the prices for chip tuning. You can calculate your chip tuning price using the complete price list.


At 24-7 ChiptuningFiles, we go beyond just offering chiptuning files. If you are looking for a complete chiptuning experience by real professionals, you've come to the right place. You can turn to ECU Adaptions, a leading company in chiptuning, where you can have your car chiptuned by experts with proven experience. Discover the benefits of professional chiptuning and give your car the performance upgrade it deserves.

ECU Adaptions


At, we are ready to enhance your driving experience with high-quality chiptuning files. Choose your desired credits, take advantage of our tested quality, and discover why more and more tuners are choosing us. Check out our prices for chip tuning and optimize vehicles for your customers today.

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