What is WinOLS and the EVC database

WinOLS is a powerful software application that enables tuners to modify the engine management system of vehicles, including adjusting fuel injection, ignition timing, and other parameters to enhance performance or improve fuel efficiency. WinOLS is making it possible to rewrite the ECU, and offers the possibility to connect to another tuner’s EVC database. The EVC database is full with ready to use chiptuning files. 

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WinOLS 5 functions

Map editing

WinOLS lets you edit engine management maps, which control fuel injection, ignition timing, and other vital parameters that affect engine performance.

Automatic Map Recognition

WinOLS automatically recognizes the maps in the ECU file and highlights them for easy viewing and editing, making the tuning process more efficient.

Checksum Correction

WinOLS includes a checksum correction function that recalculates and corrects the checksum in the ECU file after editing, ensuring that changes are properly written to the ECU.


Winols5 is supporting hardware like BDM100, BSL100 and OLS300. Simulator mode (OLS200) and EpromProgrammer (MP2440) are only available with Windows XP - Windows 7.

Import/Export of Files

WinOLS allows you to import and export ECU files in various formats, making it easy to work with files from different manufacturers and ECU models.

3D View

WinOLS has a 3D view feature that allows you to visualize the maps and their values in a 3D representation, making it easier to identify and analyze complex patterns and relationships between the various maps in the ECU file.

Why choose for our EVC database

  16 years of tuning experience;
  Periodically updated with the newest files;
  File can be requested if not available;
  Stage 1 2 and 3, with options (DPF, EGR, adbleu, etc..) files available
  Developed and tested on our 4x4 Dynostar (RC1000 AWD);
  Big database that keeps growing;


Already a WinOLS 5 user ? read here how to connect to our EVC database


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Our EVC database is full of files that are tested on our 4x4 Dynostar. Join us and start delivering high quality tuning files to your customers. 24-7chiptuningfiles is a growing company that delivers all types of services for their customers. Get in touch with us of you would like more information or check out our EVC database credit prices

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