Master credits

When buying master credits you will take advantage of the benefits of using a master tool. Please be aware that you will need a master configured tool to use the master files and our master credits.x

1 Credit €85 Excl. VAT €85,00 per file
10 Credits €750 Excl. VAT €75,00 per file
25 Credits €1750 Excl. VAT €70,00 per file
50 Credits €3250 Excl. VAT €65,00 per file

Master tools

The master tools are tools that will take your chiptuning to a next level. With the use of a master tool you can completely write and read to the ECU of your vehicle. In comparison to a slave, the master tool can actually replace the software instead of just modifying it. The disadvantage of the master tool is the price. The master tool is almost twice as expensive as the slave. We recommend when you start tuning to use a slave, and if you really want to take a step to the next level you should get yourself a master tool!

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